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Delmar Property Management has been involved in the Property Management, Development, and Construction Industry in California since 1991. The company has engineered, constructed, and managed various types of projects. Our experience as owners has given us the disciplines necessary to be responsible, timely, accurate Asset Managers and Property Managers for Institutions and Individual Investors. Coupled with a team of well qualified professionals, Delmar Property Management's best asset is its conservative approach, tenant retention program and analysis of the marketplace backed by long-term planning, years of experience and our financial strength.


Delmar Property Management is supported by a team of Real Estate and Financial Professionals who acquired their skills through hands on experience and practice. Delmar uses the latest in computer hardware and software technology to assist the management; decision making and financial reporting process. The property management process is greatly enhanced by Spectra Professional property management software, considered in the industry to be one of the most prudent and sophisticated software systems available today.


Delmar offers our clients a most effective management team for tenant improvements. Owning and constructing our own projects gives us experience that we pass on to our clients. Delmar has been involved in extensive remodeling of large suites that were constructed in phases to allow tenants to remain in their suites. Our tenants were able to continue with business as usual due to the efficient scheduling of construction around their needs. The volume of tenant improvements and remodels that Delmar is involved in allows us to offer our tenants competitive costs from contractors and suppliers. The Delmar client is offered expertise on design, space planning, and construction.


At Delmar Property Management, we believe hard work, careful planning, and precise execution, combined with timely and quality services are necessary to succeed. We believe that we have to be well prepared and work hard to succeed. Citibank Real Estate Division, Western Region, has named Delmar Property Management “Property Manager of the Year”. We received the "Award of Excellence" twice from the City of Rancho Cucamonga for Outstanding Real Estate Project Design, and a "Beautification Award" from the City of Brea for High Quality Real Estate Development.


  • Performing Daily Operations & Maintaining Tenant Relations
  • Marketing, Negotiating & Signing New Tenants
  • Renewing and Renegotiating Existing Tenant Leases
  • Tenant Improvement Space Planning Supervision
  • Tenant Improvement Construction Supervision
  • Full line of financial services including accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, pro forma, cash flow and other management reporting tailored to the needs of each property owner.



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