History and Background Information

The principals of Delmar have been involved in the Commercial Real Estate Industry in California since 1981. Beginning with the property management side of the industry, Delmar quickly grew to have depth of experience in project development, brokerage and receivership services. Our experience has given us the disciplines necessary to be responsible, timely and accurate Real Estate Professionals for Institutions and Individual Investors. Along with Delmar's staff of well qualified professionals and our conservative approach we feel that long term planning, years of experience and our financial strength has made Delmar a valuable asset to it's clients. We feel your Company can benefit from Delmar's experience and reputation. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how as a team we can accomplish your short and long term goals.


At Delmar, we understand that hard work, careful planning and precise execution combined with timely and quality service are necessary to succeed. We must be well prepared and work harder than our competitors to succeed. Delmar was named "Property Manager of the Year" by Citibank Real Estate, Western Division and also received design and beautification awards for several projects. Delmar believes that commitment to the job goes beyond the basic mechanics of the business. Taking that extra step to set up tenant retention programs, make analysis of the marketplace and return a simple phone call are not extra steps for Delmar but our duty to our clients. Just as you take your investment seriously, we take our commitment to high quality service seriously.

Regional Knowledge

Delmar is a Full Service Real Estate Company located in Southern California with it's corporate headquarters in the Inland Empire and a second office in Los Angeles County. We have acquired valuable knowledge and experience in the business culture, lifestyle, weather and politics of this area through our years of involvement in this region. We have established strong business and personal relationships and contacts with institutional lenders, brokers, and a variety of subcontractors and vendors necessary for us to offer high quality service for our clients. Moreover the length of time we have been in this market has established us as a highly qualified real estate company with a noteworthy list of clients. Survival in this volatile business is dependent on client retention and referrals. Our reputation of reliability, quick response and accurate reporting allows us to deliver to our clients excellent value for money spent. With Delmar's reputation established in this area over the last decade and a half, we have secured permanence in this area that will benefit our clients in all aspects of their commercial real estate needs.

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